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From shopping centres to high rise developments, and office blocks to urban living; commercial building types range from low level office buildings to large retail centres and multi-functional high rise structures.

The way we use our buildings is constantly changing and property developers demands for structurally efficient solutions which optimise usable floor space, particularly in urban settings, continue to grow.

We’ve been redefining commercial environments for decades, keeping a keen eye on the latest regulations and integrated technologies. These medium-tonnage projects, which can be of relatively simple geometry to excessively complex, are brought to fruition by our attention to detail, accuracy and ability to service ambitious programmes. These attributes have earned us a solid reputation in the delivery of such structures, always with an eye on providing cost-effective solutions.

Through virtual design and sustainable building development, we continue to lead the way with our innovative commercial design services with improved performance and integrated modern-day amenities.

Typically, high rise developments are in highly congested city centres, such as London, where space is extremely limited. These buildings tend to be complicated new office developments or the construction of a new facility following the partial demolition of an old one, around an existing concrete core.

Specialist high rise projects are high-tonnage (typically to around 15000Te.), high-storey buildings. At T J Hazell, we are very familiar with these projects and bring a wealth of experience in offering advice on design and detailing solutions. 

Our capacity to service high-tonnage projects to ambitious programmes, coupled with a strong familiarity with projects of this type, has enabled us to build a strong reputation in this sector.

We’ve developed specialist designs to hallmark buildings across the globe. Our Design Engineers and Detailers are well-versed in keeping designs lean and quick to build as well as ensuring help to inform both Architects and Developers of the most efficient layouts to optimally balance theoretical solutions with the practicalities of build. 


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We support our clients’ needs through a range of project, engineering and recruitment services that help them to grow and succeed.

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